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Flossie Johnson
Date: May 27, 2010

"I should first say that I have been playing the pia...

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Online Gospel Piano Lessons | Gospel Piano Chords

Welcome to Kenerly Music Studio's Online Gospel Piano Lessons

At Kenerly Music Studios, we provide a fun, relaxed learning environment where students are encouraged to create, listen, improvise and develop their natural musical abilities. Private lessons are tailored to each student’s ability level, skill development, and personal goals.

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Lessons include all styles of music Gospel, Classical, etc. and encompasses musical theory, improvisation, using a combination of teaching methods to provide a well rounded musical education. Lessons are scheduled in 30-minute and 1-hour increments weekly, and may be taken in our studios.

Instructional DVD's and downloadable lessons are also available in the online store!!

Introduction to our new course "Learn to Play in Three Months"

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